This battery-powered word processor is definitely the invention of Cy Endfield, an American author and film director living in London. He says the straightforward chord keyboarding might be discovered in half an hour, and that inside a couple of days a novice will probably be "writing" more rapidly than longhand. As memory aids, finger combinations are logically selected to resemble alphanumeric shapes.

A sixth, thumb-operated control important pressed in mixture with other folks is used for numbers, cheap replica watches capital letters, punctuation marks, and other keyboard symbols. It also handles 16 editing functions, which includes backspace, insert, and delete. You can make modifications and corrections as you go along, and end up with great completed copy.

Microwriter is "an electronic substitute for the fountain pen," says End-field. He thinks engineers, workplace workers, and journalists will locate it practical. In a big office, as much as 15 units might be served by 1 automatic printer. Simple typing for the blind is another possibility.

At present, the technique is distributed by rental solely in Britain.-D.S.

Hand-held Microwriter (Feb, 1980)

"An electronic substitute for the fountain pen" is just not precisely how I'd pitch a new invention in 1980. The replacement for the fountain pen was the ball point. Around the other hand, if any investors are considering my new digital replacement for the 8-Track cassette, you understand where to discover me .

Hand-held Microwriter

If you cannot form replica breitling , replika breitling yet desire to write great letters or memos devoid of the support of a secretary, Microwriter may be the answer. breitling fake It resembles a big pocket calculator, but has only five primary keys, which fit the relaxed finger positions of your correct hand. Individual alphabet letters are formed by an quickly discovered finger code, in which 1 or additional keys are pressed for every character.

Your words come up on an LED display panel showing 12 characters at a time, and scrolling towards the left as much more are added. The complete text is stored inside a RAM (random-access memory) that holds the equivalent of eight typical pages of typescript. You later plug the

device into an electric typewriter that taps it all out at more than 500 words per minute.

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